Cake Decorating – Preparing Your Own Wedding Cake At Home

If you want to learn cake decorating, and even doing your own wedding cake, it is possible to do it without having a fancy kitchen or bakery at your disposal.

You will need some specialized tools and a clean place to work, and perhaps some patience to learn the craft of cake decorating.

Supplies can be found at many hobby and craft stores for decorating and embellishing cakes. Most larger craft stores will have at least an isle dedicated to cake decorating supplies and information. The most basic things you’ll need are a mixer for making the cake, the cake ingredients, ingredients for icing or a pre-made icing, an icing spatula and some nozzles and pastry bags (also called piping bags, frosting bags, or even “cake decorator bags” by some).

If you’re planning on doing wedding cakes as part of your cake decorating you’ll want to know how to use rolled fondant, which is kind of like a sheet of icing that you can use to cover the cake. Fondant can help you to fairly quickly produce a nice looking base for your cake design.

The only other ingredient you really need for successful wedding cake is the will to learn and the right resources to learn from. Sometimes the quality of the instruction you receive can make or break your efforts, so it’s always best to find help or materials from someone who has some experience. If you are willing to take the time to learn cake decorating, and patience with yourself through the process, you’ll be designing and creating beautiful cakes in no time.