Finding The Best Wedding Cake Stands For Your Event

Wedding cake stands are a great way to add a little touch of elegance to any wedding, thanks to the wide variety of models available there are many alternatives for you to define the size and style of the cake to be presented at your event. These accessories are an excellent alternative for anyone looking for a unique experience on that special day.

Decide the wedding format

With all the different choices available, how can you know which one to choose? The first step is to determine the kind of wedding that you plan to have. A large wedding usually asks for a bit of glamour and you may want all the attention to go on your wedding cake. For this type of event, you may want to choose acrylic wedding cake stands because they are chic and classic.

Also, make sure to match your wedding cake accessories to your wedding theme. You have endless possibilities for decorating if you use a cupcake tree, depending on your taste and wedding theme. You can use flowers, ribbons, candles and more.

Wedding cake stands may cost you anywhere between $20 to more than $200. First, decide how many times you intend to use the it. If you plan to re-use it, choose a sturdy cake stand which is also easy to store. If you are thinking about just using it once, then you may want to consider a less elaborate cardboard or PVC model. Otherwise you can consider hiring one.

Choose your style

You can choose from round and square plateaus of glass, silver, brass, or even copper for single tier cakes or linear displays. For more traditional stacked wedding cakes, your options will include stacked and cascading stands in a wide range of sizes and styles.

To create maximum impact, place your wedding cake in a strategic and focal position where everyone can see it. Good wedding cake stands help make your guests admire your cake, plus it makes it more visually exquisite for the occasion.

No matter if you want a very simple wedding cake or an extravagant 5 tiered one, there’s something for every taste and budget. There are many crystal cake trees available at prices well below $50. Online shopping brings you a wide range of wedding accessories stores at your fingertip.

When it comes to choosing the cake stand, you’re never right or wrong as long as it provides good support for the cake and is aesthetically pleasing. You can enjoy discounts and special offers if you are prepared to shop around by comparing similar wedding cake stands from various retailers. There can often be consideable price differences so it is worth the extra effort.