Should the Wedding Cake be Your Only Sweet Treats

When it comes time for your wedding, there are a few facts that you can literally take to the bank. One of those facts is that no matter how great your wedding might be, if your food isn’t so great, people will definitely remember. Even the noblest humans tend to think, at least somewhat, with their stomachs. Plus, there is the issue of tradition in that people have grown to expect a good meal at your wedding. These are important factors to consider when sending out your wedding invitations.

People Love that Second Slice of Wedding Cake – Of course, a major element of your wedding meal is the wedding cake. Whether people will admit it or not, they love the wedding cake and will look forward to a nice, big piece through your entire ceremony. Even petite women who claim that they will only have “a small piece” will go back for a second or even third helping of wedding cake. After all, we all know women who have dieted before a wedding so that they would look good in a new dress and be able to eat extra wedding cake.

Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy with More Desserts – Frequently, couples overlook other sweets when they are planning their wedding dinner menu in the belief that the wedding cake itself should be enough. This may be true for some guests, but many people really do have a sweet tooth. A further consideration is what happens if you run out of wedding cake and those wanting a second slice are just out of luck? One easy way to have your wedding guests feeling full at the end of the night is to have a second cake or other dessert options available. This may be an extra cost, but if you truly want all of your guests to be happy, you might just want to consider having extra cakes, pies, cupcakes or some other form of desserts on hand.

Weddings are supposed to be fun, so why not liven up the occasion with extra desserts? Your secondary desserts don’t have to be as expensive or as fancy as your wedding cake. They simply just need to show up!