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Feeding Your Spouse The Wedding Cake To Smash, Or Not To Smash

To smash or not to smash-that is the question.

We’ve all been to weddings where the bride and groom end up shoving cake in each other’s faces during the cutting ceremony.It can be entertaining for the guests and usually offers a fun photo opportunity, but is it really worth it?

I’ve seen a couple take it to extremes.Icing and crumbs were everywhere – throughout their hair, in their ears, up their noses, all over the gown and tux.And rather than the applause and laughter they may have hoped to receive, the guests were astonished.I wouldn’t have been surprised had they started chasing each other with the cake cutter!It wasn’t cute, in fact, it seemed downright mean-and I couldn’t help but feel bad for the bride and her ruined make-up, -do and dress.

The tradition of the feeding of the cake is supposed to symbolize how the bride and groom will care for one another throughout their married life.So what does it say for the couple who take it to the level of smearing cake all over their loved one’s face?I wouldn’t proclaim it means they’re doomed for years of gloom – after all, it’s just cake.But, in my opinion it’s best to keep it classy.

This topic receives mixed reviews.Many feel it’s tacky, others think its fun.Really, I’d say it boils down to the bride and groom’s personalities.Either way, I believe it’s really important for the bride and groom to be on the same page with it.I can speak from experience here because while I chose to nicely feed my husband, what I got in return was a streak of fondant up the side of my face.I’m an easy-going girl and was able to laugh it off, but I won’t deny the fact that I would have loved the opportunity for a do-over.

Ultimately, there will never be a united answer to the smash or not to smash question.If you’re a couple who’s more reserved then it’s probably best to keep it sweet.If you and your fianc share a similar sense of humor, then there’s nothing wrong with having fun with the tradition, just try not to take it to extremes and astonish your guests!After all, it’s the first day of your lives together and no one wants smeared cake to take anything away from that.

Bicycle Wedding Cake Toppers

Salutations to those on the verge of matrimony! If you and your soon-to-be are spirited and vivacious, why not exhibit it on the very top of your cake for your wedding? The tall man and the shorter woman, both formally suited for the traditional wedding ceremony has been done and done. That’s what you presuppose to see on the top of that cake. Do you always do what’s expected? Why not be adventurous and situate a bicycle on the top in lieu?

Now, that bicycle doesn’t have to be a one-seater. You are, after all, getting married with a distinct person. It takes two to tie the knot, so do a double-seat, instead! That way you visually represent that the two of you are on the same pathway, pedaling at equal speeds, and will always arrive at your end point together. What more could any wedded couple truly hope for?

Marriage is a partnership, but it’s also an adventure. You want to stay as hardy and lively as when you met, and seeing that little bicycle turn up in all of your photos may be just the ticket to keep inspired to keep going.

Plus, if you find the right topper, you can always add a spice of amusement. Training wheels could be a great addition to create an element of levity. Instead of a topper with a husband being dragged to the altar, why not being pulled by a bicycle? Or perhaps the bride should be perched on the handlebars on her way to a joyous future with her groom.

Whether you want to symbolize your fit style of living, your adventuresome spirit, or simply want to have a smidgen of frivolity, you can’t go wrong with a bicycle wedding topper! Why not go a bit off the trail and try something different. You’re unique so let your cake be so as well.

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How To Make Your Own Wedding Cake – You Bet You Can Do It

Your wedding cake can be a good way to reduce the overall budget for a wedding. It’s time to love and effort, but well-intentioned aunt or cousin can be challenging.

The selection of cakes

Like when you have a professional do your cake for you to hire some help on a plan of needs as well. You can go to many books of wedding cake photos for more complex political, or just in magazines. Try to find something simple, but also something that you think would be perfect for the theme of your wedding.

If you think you are getting what you like, try to determine how many steps you have and what decorations to add. With this in mind, you can start planning the construction of the wedding cake.


As for the image of the cake you want, try to break into your mind. Knowing the number of steps (perhaps you need more or less), which can determine the number of cooking. Then you will see how many tubes of icing or jars of polish needed to complete the decor. Much of the time, it is possible that the appointment of a traditional cake of the same effort.

If you are determined to make the cake, the best suggestion is to make an attempt. Even if only one layer, you want to try to see his plan, if you have chosen can not be recovered.

Bake a layer cake (not the old cake mix will do, but you can go under the trade name of their wedding) and set aside to cool. You want to ensure that the cake is completely cooled before icing a whole, because the hot cake melts the ice.

Apply the glaze with a pastry spatula like you can apply the sealer on the wall. Take the time to iron out all fields. They claim that this is the real cake and see how it looks. If you (and, of course, after treatment) are impressed, then go ahead and get the ingredients for a cake as a whole.

Your wedding cake will be better if you do the night before, so all the time to resolve and no one should rush around to bake the day. Plan a special room or area that remained intact and the road. You may even want someone to keep in place the first end of the morning to transport all the rush.

Chic Wedding Flowers And Decorations

Create a romantic atmosphere and comfort for your guests is as important as her voice. Most customers are people who love to admire, so you want to show gratitude for their presence at a great time.

Flowers, which can go anywhere

In the early stages of planning a wedding, you can about where you need flowers are concerned. And that’s a good question.

Let us then with the itinerary of most wedding days and you can begin to determine what applies to you. Most days begin to go with the marriage of the bride and the bridesmaids to the hairdresser for a quarter of beauty, while the groom and his groomsmen enjoy a day more lax.

At this point, should the flowers come into the chapel or the church, where the two were married decorate. Flowers can be placed in banks or beside the seat, in vessels of the altar, and at the entrance. These are more concerned with the terms of the size of the church. If you have too little flower, no one will be able to see.

During the ceremony, you need flowers for each of the bridesmaids and the bride. Small clusters are good for the couple’s mothers and grandmothers. Here are the buttonholes for the groom and his groomsmen, parents and grandparents.

The living room with flowers for the tables and fields around the buffet or menu, can be met.

Decorative in nature

Most of the wedding flowers, such as using the base of your decorating plan, but what if you want out of their voice? The flowers are needed, then?

In many cases, has a great location not need flowers or foreign awards. Of course, the wedding is still something to wear, but it is much simpler that way.

With respect to other decorations, which are very expensive, the candles are elected in receptions and weddings. Choose a color used, the other colors, and several candles (security, please) added. The overall effect is impressive.

When decorating your wedding and reception, you can use what suits you. Flowers and candles seem to be the most popular but does not feel needed. Some receptions include rocks and small water sources in the design.

So how do you want to decorate for you.