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Should the Wedding Cake be Your Only Sweet Treats

When it comes time for your wedding, there are a few facts that you can literally take to the bank. One of those facts is that no matter how great your wedding might be, if your food isn’t so great, people will definitely remember. Even the noblest humans tend to think, at least somewhat, with their stomachs. Plus, there is the issue of tradition in that people have grown to expect a good meal at your wedding. These are important factors to consider when sending out your wedding invitations.

People Love that Second Slice of Wedding Cake – Of course, a major element of your wedding meal is the wedding cake. Whether people will admit it or not, they love the wedding cake and will look forward to a nice, big piece through your entire ceremony. Even petite women who claim that they will only have “a small piece” will go back for a second or even third helping of wedding cake. After all, we all know women who have dieted before a wedding so that they would look good in a new dress and be able to eat extra wedding cake.

Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy with More Desserts – Frequently, couples overlook other sweets when they are planning their wedding dinner menu in the belief that the wedding cake itself should be enough. This may be true for some guests, but many people really do have a sweet tooth. A further consideration is what happens if you run out of wedding cake and those wanting a second slice are just out of luck? One easy way to have your wedding guests feeling full at the end of the night is to have a second cake or other dessert options available. This may be an extra cost, but if you truly want all of your guests to be happy, you might just want to consider having extra cakes, pies, cupcakes or some other form of desserts on hand.

Weddings are supposed to be fun, so why not liven up the occasion with extra desserts? Your secondary desserts don’t have to be as expensive or as fancy as your wedding cake. They simply just need to show up!

Get A Wedding Cake On A Budget

Traditional wedding cakes can be expensive, but it is perfectly possible to have an elegant cake even when you’re not working with an extravagant budget.

One strategy is to do the wedding cake yourself or with the help of friends and family. While it may seem daunting, with a little practice and the right resources, a DIY options can be a wonderful and meaningful addition to your wedding day.

Doing the work to create your own cake is a rewarding process. It will create meaningful memories that you will carry with you for a lifetime.

Just because you do it yourself, don’t think that it means the cake for your wedding will have to look cheap or be anything but perfect. You can find professional designs for cake decorating from various online (and offline) resources. With minimal investment in cake decorating supplies, a few learning resources, and some time to practice, you will find that a beautiful wedding cake is well within reach.

Of course cake decorating isn’t for everyone, but if you have the desire and some patience then chances are you CAN create a wonderfully elegant wedding cake that you and your guests will love.

Whatever you do, don’t go it alone. Weddings are big events. Yours will probably be one of the biggest events of your life. Be sure to seek out qualified help and advice for every aspect of your wedding, including your cake. Your success may depend on where you go to get the information and help you need, so be sure to find a trustworthy resource for wedding cake designs and cake decorating information.

Feeding Your Spouse The Wedding Cake To Smash, Or Not To Smash

To smash or not to smash-that is the question.

We’ve all been to weddings where the bride and groom end up shoving cake in each other’s faces during the cutting ceremony.It can be entertaining for the guests and usually offers a fun photo opportunity, but is it really worth it?

I’ve seen a couple take it to extremes.Icing and crumbs were everywhere – throughout their hair, in their ears, up their noses, all over the gown and tux.And rather than the applause and laughter they may have hoped to receive, the guests were astonished.I wouldn’t have been surprised had they started chasing each other with the cake cutter!It wasn’t cute, in fact, it seemed downright mean-and I couldn’t help but feel bad for the bride and her ruined make-up, -do and dress.

The tradition of the feeding of the cake is supposed to symbolize how the bride and groom will care for one another throughout their married life.So what does it say for the couple who take it to the level of smearing cake all over their loved one’s face?I wouldn’t proclaim it means they’re doomed for years of gloom – after all, it’s just cake.But, in my opinion it’s best to keep it classy.

This topic receives mixed reviews.Many feel it’s tacky, others think its fun.Really, I’d say it boils down to the bride and groom’s personalities.Either way, I believe it’s really important for the bride and groom to be on the same page with it.I can speak from experience here because while I chose to nicely feed my husband, what I got in return was a streak of fondant up the side of my face.I’m an easy-going girl and was able to laugh it off, but I won’t deny the fact that I would have loved the opportunity for a do-over.

Ultimately, there will never be a united answer to the smash or not to smash question.If you’re a couple who’s more reserved then it’s probably best to keep it sweet.If you and your fianc share a similar sense of humor, then there’s nothing wrong with having fun with the tradition, just try not to take it to extremes and astonish your guests!After all, it’s the first day of your lives together and no one wants smeared cake to take anything away from that.

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers – Fantastic Resemblance of Personalities

Cake toppers are the fascinating way of expressing your style and appearance. It is the custom from older days to decorate the top of the wedding cakes to make it look attractive. Whatever may be the celebrations like birthday parties, weddings or anniversaries, cakes play an important role. Brides and grooms used to decorate the cakes with small figurines to make it funny and impressive. With the change in trend, custom cake toppers made of plastic came into existence and is now getting popular among people. Why cake toppers are special is because personalized messages and bobbleheads make the moments happier and memorable. Small bobbleheads resembling the happy couple represents the sign of togetherness. Wedding cakes signifies the traditional custom of wedding ceremonies and so people designs the cake with fine decoration in advance.

Cake toppers are available now in various excellent designs and styles to suit your personality. Fantastic themes and backgrounds of these cake toppers add beauty to the wedding reception. There are websites which offers you wide range of custom wedding cake toppers online in your convenience. They provide you a chance to gift these funny bobbleheads to your special ones. Bobblehead dolls are exactly created by the designers to match your attires, style and look. You can use your initials or any special messages to create the cake toppers. Companies designing these bobbleheads ask for your photographs and create the dolls which coincides your personality. How excited you will be to see your duplicate dolls as the cake toppers? Cake toppers are also an excellent gift idea for weddings and anniversaries. The couple will be surprised with your special and unique gift.

This small piece of decoration expresses your personality and can be kept safe forever as the remembrance of those special moments. Look for the bobbleheads to match your wedding theme. Companies design custom bobbleheads to match the moments for which you are ordering as per your interests and specifications. Cakes reflect the meaning of the special occasions and events along with being the tasty food item. If you are interested in a bit of fun, you have funny cake toppers to make your weddings more exciting.

Are you looking for something unique to gift your special persons? Cake toppers and bobbleheads are an excellent idea. Unique groomsmen gifts like the special cake toppers are what most people would opt for when looking for wedding gifts. Personalized wedding cake toppers help you to keep those special memories fresh and memorable forever. Many online stores provide these cake toppers in various designs to best suit the theme and background of the wedding functions. Cake toppers and other custom groomsmen gifts are created by the staff of these stores with respect to your order and interests.

Wedding Cake Plates and Tiered Cake Stands

Wedding Cake Plates

Let’s face it, every little girl dreams about their perfect wedding, and wants it just right, down to every last detail. While many spend hours finding the perfect cake what not many realize is the perfect cake plate can make or break the setting. The cake plates, platter and stand will be nearly as important – if not more important – than the cake when creating the mood, height and presentation. There aren’t many modern cake stands available today, but the antique glass ones can be absolutely stunning, and are a great heirloom and keepsake from your special day.

Many places carry many different colors and styles, and there is sure to be one to fit your dcor. Some are single units while others are tiered cake stands are available with three or four tiers, so you can beautifully display even a larger cake. Better yet, they are stackable, so you aren’t limited to how you display them. The single cake plates are perfect to hold a dessert or quiche for a bridesmaid luncheon, and make wonderful wedding gifts. They are pretty enough to display all year round, and are great for any occasion. These are also perfect for Christmas, Easter and other holiday settings. Be sure to pick a cake plate or stand that can be used again and again.

Of course, such beautiful works of art aren’t limited to just being used for weddings or wedding related events. They are perfect for birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, and all of the other special events in your life that are worth celebrating. There are many classic, antique styles available, like you would see in your grandparents’ homes, as well as more modern designs as well. Make sure the offered products are not limited to round designs. There are other shapes such as square ones or rectangles and ovals – available to add a special touch to any display.

Also be sure that the products are made from glass that is tinted with natural minerals, creating a true colored glass. This means that no matter how much you wash it or use it, the color will never fade. If you can find it made in the USA – all the better too – this means you know it will be of the highest quality, every time. Search online for a complete line of Cake Plates, Wedding Tiered Cake Stands and more!