Wedding Cake Stands are Important

Not as important or as crucial as the bride’s wedding dress or the ideal place for the reception, careful attention should be given to wedding cake stands. The wedding cake always plays one of the most interesting and special parts of the wedding reception. The wedding cake should be placed in a prominent and focal position for all to see as the bride and groom cut the cake which is accepted as a form of bond that heralds the sweet beginning of the new marriage. Therefor, a good and stable wedding cake stand should be used.

Types of Wedding Cake Stands

One of the most popular styles is the three-tiered wedding cake, it will require a stand capable to hold this style of cake, this normally a square or round stand. As most wedding cakes are three-tier, wedding cake stands are often either a) an unraised cake plate; b) a plateau stand (flat or raised uniformly off the table); or c) a pedestal (raised in the center by some sort of pillar) stand. Glass, acrylic, ceramic, china, metal and even single-use Styrofoam cake stands can be used. To accommodate the wide variations of the traditional wedding cake, there are many styles of wedding cake stands available.

Grouped Arrangements of Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake stands come in all sorts and types and are also available for grouped arrangements of wedding cakes. This allows each cake to be displayed individually on its own stand, and the stands are usually staggered in various heights for a beautiful presentation. This type of cake stand allows cakes to be displayed in a variety of ways: in stair-step format, in a rounded appearance (symmetrically with tallest in back and shortest stands in front), in a cascading appearance, or in an asymmetrical grouping. The design options are ample to satisfy all requirements.

Separate wedding cake stands arranged in these types of groupings create a wonderful effect and work well with intricate and individually decorated cakes. Shapes that are non-traditional also work well in this format because they can be displayed individually. Keep in mind if you choose a cake stand of this nature you will need a cake table with ample room to display the cakes.

Other Cake Stand Options

Having selected your wedding dcor choices, there is no real right or wrong when it comes to choosing wedding cake stands, other than providing adequate support . It can be as simple or as ornate or as high as you wish. If you have an heirloom cake plate or stand you may wish to use that. Alternately, you may be able to use another display, for example, the cake arranged on upside-down terra-cotta pots for a spring or garden themed wedding. If you’d like a non-traditional option of this nature be sure to discuss it with the bakery first to be sure it is acceptable for holding and displaying your cake. One final point is the picture of the wedding cake, no wedding photo album would be complete without it!