Your Options for Tiered Wedding Cake Stands

If you have ever attempted to make your own cake, you will know how difficult it is to set it up and we are talking about just a single cake. Now imagine that you have to bake two or three cakes and place them one on top of the other – impossible for most of us. This is where tiered wedding cake stands comes in handy – they are very sought after because of the options that they give when designing wedding cakes. Although professional cake makers do an excellent job in tiering one cake on top of another, these cake stands take the wedding cake setting to another level altogether.

Most cake stands look good all by themselves, the added benefit is that you can use your decorating theme be it flowers or ribbons and arrange them beautifully around the cake stands, thereby enhancing the overall effect. The tiers or levels which are made of round, square or heart shaped plates are usually separated by pillars or stands. Usually there is one large pillar between each tier or three small stands separating each tier. The general rule is that the largest cake is placed at the lowest level and the smallest cake is placed on top. However, in cascading tiered cakes, the placement of cakes is a little different, with the largest cake on top. For a more ornate look, tiered Victorian scroll stands are the perfect piece to set up a grand wedding cake. Traditionally there are three tiers to a wedding cake, but those rules no longer apply and you can go with an 8 tiered cake if that’s what makes you happy on your wedding day.

Most of these stands can be rented out from shops and online retailers that deal with wedding cake supplies, but if you have very specific tastes, you might need to purchase your stands. Be sure to check your options online as there are a lot of cake stands that you can look at and decide as to which ones would best suit your needs. Three tiered cake stands are available online for around $30 and if you wish to purchase more elaborate designs they can cost you over $900.

Take your time and look at all the options that you have before you make your decision. Once you know the kind of wedding you want and the kind of food and arrangements you would like, go with the cake stand that will be able to bring out the theme that you have in mind. If you are not able to find the perfect cake stand, do not be disheartened, go with a stand that is more flexible as it will work better with your overall theme.